Kieloranta is a modern, stylish conference and festive venue lakeside just 12 km from Hämeenlinna. Kieloranta is filled with luxurious details and unique design. The venue combines high-class wood architecture with harmonious nature and modern technology.

Kieloranta’s versatile facilities include cottages, conference and meeting rooms, food services, accommodation, saunas, jacuzzis, parks, green lawns, shoreline, hillsides and woods. You can enjoy all of this in peace and quiet. Kieloranta offers you normal conference services including food, coffee and the opportunity to order different program services.

We usually host only one visitor group at a time. This way, we ensure that each group gets the perfect privacy, peace and quiet during their whole visit, and it also ensures that we can make the days as efficient and comfortable for our guests as we can. We also offer our customers VIP-services – for example, each visitor group has a Duty Manager, who makes sure that things go smoothly and without any problems.

Sistervenue Tolkkila manor

The Tolkkila manor is located in Koria, 13 kilometers from the center of Kouvola, just over an hours drive from Helsinki (134 km). Tolkkila manor offers a truly special setting for meetings as well as weddings.