Royal Resorts Oy

Kieloranta is operated by Royal Resorts Oy. In addition to Kieloranta, Royal Resorts Oy owns and operates Tolkkila manor in Koria and operates Boistö pilot island in front of Loviisa. Both of the above-mentioned objects are personal and unique – the absolute top of its own genre in Finland.

Tolkkila Manor

Tolkkila Manor is a recently renovated sister property of Kieloranta.

Get to know Tolkkila Manor and its diverse premises via the link below.

By the river, 135 km from Helsinki

Conference groups of 10-45 people
Accommodation for 37 people (20 rooms)
Weddings for 60-110 people

Visit Tolkkila manor


Sea pilot island

Outside the city of Loviisa (15-minute boat ride). 100 km from Helsinki.

Meeting groups of 10-35 people
Overnight accommodations for 30 people
Recreational days for 10-40 people

Visit Boistö

Royal Resorts Oy

Visa Heinonen
0400 666 654

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