Kieloranta now also operates Ruukki in Billnäs!

Kieloranta has agreed with the owner of Billnäsin Ruukki, Olli Muurainen on an arrangement through which Kieloranta will host and operate limited number of functions at Billnäsin Ruukki from 15.08.2017.

The culturally historically significant Billnäsin Ruukki finished lodging, event and restaurant operations on 28.10.2014 and is still officially closed. Under the arrangement that has now been agreed on, Kieloranta will offer Billnäsin Ruukki in a limited capacity, primarily to its own clients. Kieloranta welcomes its current clients to Billnäs!

Billnäs is only 80 km from the centre of Helsinki. At Billnäsin Ruukki, there are four high-quality conference rooms of different sizes, accommodation for 41 people, a restaurant and high-class sauna areas (which also have conference and lounge rooms).

Ruukintie 8, 10330 Billnäs
Visa Heinonen
0400 666 654